Inno Download Plugin 1.5.0

Inno Download Plugin 1.5.0 released.

New idpAddFtpDir function allows to download whole FTP directories, including subfolders.

procedure idpAddFtpDir(url, mask, destdir: String; recursive: Boolean);
procedure idpAddFtpDirComp(url, mask, destdir: String; recursive: Boolean; components: String);


  • url – Directory URL
  • mask – File mask wildcards or empty string to select all files
  • destdir – Destignation directory on the local disk
  • recursive – If true, recursively add all subdirectories
  • components – A space separated list of component names, telling IDP to which components the directory belongs. A ftp directory without a components parameter is always downloaded.


//Add all files in URL, including subdirectories
idpAddFtpDir('', '', ExpandConstant('{tmp}'), true);

//Add only *.dll files; do not look in subdirectories
idpAddFtpDir('', '*.dll', ExpandConstant('{tmp}'), false);


4 thoughts on “Inno Download Plugin 1.5.0

  1. Hello.

    I just started to play around with it. Very nice Project. Its a shame that the Development of this Plugin is dead (If I didnt miss anything). Still a couple bugs in the Code and there is no other Source Repository than the dead one on Google Code. And I am not good enough with Pascal to fix those things / add those Feature myself.

    For Example: idpAddFtpDir downloads all the Files and Folders to ‘tmp’ but the Standard Command ( FileCopy(ExpandConstant(‘{tmp}’), ExpandConstant(‘{app}’), false);) to copy everything does not work.

    So I decided to try the Filelist instead. The edited Example works great. But: It does not allow to Download (Sub)Folders.

    Thanks to the Author for trying 🙂 Great Tool after all *ThumpsUp*

    • Hi Oliver, I have been working on a solution to the program and have found a solution to the filecopy problem. Unfortunately I cant access the code till im back at work on monday but id be happy to share it.

      • Hello Callum. Thanks but I found a Solution for it: I posted my Question on

        and it seems that FileCopy does not Support Wildcards. So I decided to test this with an FTP Account and load the Files from there. And in addition, I added the Flag “external” to the Files and Folders listed under the [Files] Section. So this works – for now.

        About your question:
        I had no time yet to play with the other Settings. But some Examples I found on the Internet are [I forget as I searched on my Smartphone and I didnt saved the Links either]:
        a.) using a File with String / Integer that contains the Version Number (you have to write a Routine in the [Code] Section for this)
        b.) Test the File Flags

        I stopped working on my Online Installer for now – I have to work on the Main App.

        Good Luck 🙂

  2. Hi,

    I have a question about the plugin.

    Is it possible for it to only download updated files. so that the user doesn’t have to download all the files a 2nd or 3rd time only the ones which have been updated on the server and if so how would you do this?

    Many Thanks

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