RegExporter is an utility for converting .reg files, .ini files and registry keys to Inno Setup/NSIS/WiX installation scripts, with GUI and command-line interface.


5 thoughts on “RegExporter

  1. Hi:
    this is a great tool, but I found a bug when using it. reg file with “reg_expand_sz” content like below can not be import correctly:


    • hi:
      reg data format like below also import incorrectly:


  2. hi:
    another bug. data with “\” with be abandoned when import:


    the import quality is really terrible. maybe you should try import/export some real registry and see how many are different.

    however it is still a useful software.

  3. Your software fails to import basic .reg into format for inno. Waste of time. The .reg files are imported correctly by windows.

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